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Вебинар «Платформа как бизнес-модель»: ключевые моменты и методология стратегического развития»
Бесплатный мастер-класс "Таможенное оформление при экспорте"
Центр поддержки экспорта Волгоградской области проводит вебинар в формате ВКС с участием менеджера по работе с клиентами площадки
Центр поддержки экспорта Волгоградской области приглашает компании региона принять участие в вебинаре по особенностям выхода на рынок Израиля
Set up of a creative cluster by conceptually combining the functionalities of two buildings – the FABRIKA Loft Space and the ZAVOD Business Park
In Volgograd’s Tractorozavodsky District, a creative cluster is set up by conceptually combining the functionalities of two buildings – the FABRIKA Loft Space (6 Grossman str.) and the ZAVOD Business Park (1b Dzerzhinskogo Square).
Entities wishing to join the project will be offered beneficial terms for leasing and equipping of premises, creation of workshops, conference spaces, sales outlets, and goods storage facilities, promotion in social networks and media spaces, privileged lease periods, etc.

Паспорт проекта
Creative cluster concept
List of vacant sites for the placement of mobile retail outlets
Placing of mobile trade outlets on land plots, in buildings and structures owned by the municipality is implemented according to the mobile trade outlets placing plan taking into account the need for sustained development of territories.
Information Booklet on financial benefits, guarantees, and leasing privileges offered to small and medium-sized businesses by AO Korporatskya MSP and AO MSP Bank
List of fair venues
The document contains information about 46 fairgrounds available in Volgograd.
List of vacant places at Volgograd fairgrounds
Here you can find information on available places, prices, and contact telephone numbers of management companies, fair organizers, or shopping facility management
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Support of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Volgograd Region
Municipal support of entrepreneurship
More information about municipal support of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as other provisions to improve this business segment can be found in the quick guide
Governmental support of entrepreneurship
Enhancement and support of small and medium-sized businesses is a major priority of governmental policy in the Volgograd Region that is successfully implemented through regional target programs.
Support of small and medium-sized business in the Volgograd Region

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