Seven Reasons to Invest in Volgograd

Competitive advantages for investment in Volgograd are associated with the city’s favorable geographical position, its industrial, research & development, educational, and labor potential, transport and institutional infrastructure, and prospects for innovation.
Favorable economic and geographical position and the status of a metropolitan city with a population exceeding one million in the large and resourceful Volgograd Region, concentration of administrative, financial, logistical, educational, and cultural resources ensure a high competitive level of investment attractiveness among other cities of the Lower Volga region and Southern Russia.

1. Volgograd — a city with a strategic outlook

Volgograd has developed and implemented a unique Strategy of Socio-Economic Development for period ending 2030, which has also become a strategy of public accord by combined efforts of the municipal authorities, population, and business, and which aims at accelerating the city’s progress and advancing it to a leading position among other cities with millions-strong population. Economic basis of the strategy is the emphasis on stimulating the development of innovative businesses that are competitive in the new economic conditions, diversification of the existing structure of industrial production, technical and technological upgrade of production capacities, and development of cooperation between big business and the small and medium-sized companies. In October 2017, Volgograd’s Strategy of Socio-Economic Development till 2030 became a finalist in the contest of cities–capitals of the subjects of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg, sharing the final with Kazan, Tomsk, and Perm.

2. Volgograd — a major industrial city with historical traditions of industrial production.

Volgograd has historically developed a multi- industry complex with a clear shift towards manufacturing and chemical industries the produce of which is in demand both nationally and internationally. The city’s industrial potential is also manifested by large machine engineering, food-processing, and manufacturing plants that rest on the Volgograd Region’s agro-industrial complex, and by medium and small enterprises manufacturing high-tech products and providing consumer services. Also booming is the construction industry that ensures massive housing construction in Volgograd.

3. Volgograd — a promising multi-industry transport hub of the Lower Volga.

Volgograd is a strategic transport hub, running through which are critical railway systems, federal highways, transnational airways, waterways for inland and marine shipments via the Volga-Don Canal; all this makes the city a natural administrative and economic center of the emerging New Silk Road, the core of cross-border cooperation for Russian regions and international businesses. The city is situated at the intersection of international transport corridors and thereby has access to the five seas, which implies a high potential for the development of international economic relations within and outside of the CIS.

4. Volgograd — a globally known center of tourism

The Battle of Stalingrad, the greatest battle in the history of WWII, has become the basis for the inexhaustible tourist interest in Volgograd. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world annually visit Mamayev Kurgan and Panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad. Besides, the city is extensively promoting event tourism, ecological, ethnographic, and other modern types of touristic activities that are favored by natural, logistical, and cultural specifics of this multinational region.
5. Volgograd — center of education and science of the Lower Volga Region

The city has accumulated a considerable scientific potential: more than 100 R&D and design institutions and branches thereof, R&D centers and laboratories, more than 30 R&D and engineering design institutions, dozens of innovative production plants (with more than 90 thousand people currently studying in the city’s universities their branches). In combination with the extensive network of secondary vocational education, this helps ensure a high educational, professional, and cultural level of human resources and thereby meet the staffing needs for development of a widely diversified model of economic development of the city.

6. Volgograd — a promising city for advancement of consumer market and consumer services

Volgograd has adopted a strategy of improving the life standards, creating a comfortable living and business environment that offers significant opportunities for the development of trade, consumer services, and entertainment businesses. So far, Volgograd and the Volgograd Region lag behind other major regions in providing the population with consumer infrastructure, which, if there are payable consumers, opens up great prospects for large, medium, and small businesses in this area.
7. Volgograd — center of innovations for creation of a favorable business climate

Municipal Administration of Volgograd and the Administration of the Volgograd Region work together to implement an innovative policy of comprehensive support of business initiatives and investment activities. The task of becoming a national leader in providing a favorable business environment is solved through development of professional business support infrastructure that helps set up and run a business, through extensive integration of state and public-private partnership, through the Volgograd Municipal Administration’s openness for contacts with the business community, and also by inviting representatives of businesses to the discussion and development of strategic and investment plans for the region.

Volgograd’s Socio-Economic Development Strategy for period ending 2030.
Volgograd implements Socio-Economic Development Strategy for period ending 2030, a document of public accord intended to ensure real and effective interaction of government authorities, business, and population.
The main priorities of Strategy 2030 include:
- Favorable investment climate, ample opportunities for setting up and running a business;
- A comfortable and aesthetically pleasing urban environment;
- A developed market of consumer services, including the organization of leisure for the city’s people.
Read the full text of the Strategy

Touristic Passport of Volgograd
This document contains general information about the city, its famous people, cultural and historical sights, and the cultural, sports, recreational, catering, and collective accommodation facilities.
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